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Types of Fraud

Common Types of Fraud Under the False Claims Act

There are a growing number of federal, state and local laws – including the False Claims Act – designed to encourage people with knowledge of fraud against the government to come forward. These whistleblower laws often provide a financial reward, and a level of protection to those who do. A whistleblower law firm can help whistleblowers make use of these laws to stop fraud, maximize whistleblowers' rewards for coming forward, and protect whistleblowers throughout the process.

Fraud takes many forms and causes a variety of negative effects.

  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud leads to expensive, unnecessary, and sometimes dangerous treatments
  • Nursing home and hospice fraud prevents elderly patients from getting the treatment they need
  • Pharmaceutical fraud leads to unnecessary and potentially dangerous prescriptions
  • Kickback schemes taint physicians' decision-making processes
  • Procurement fraud causes the government to issue sub-standard, or dangerous, supplies to government employees, including first-responders
  • Defense contractor fraud puts the lives of American soldiers in jeopardy
  • Financial fraud drains pension funds, jeopardizes homeowners' rights and cripples financial markets
  • Education fraud causes students to be saddled with unnecessary and unmanageable debt

Types Of Fraud

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