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Common Types of Fraud Under the False Claims Act

There are a growing number of federal, state and local laws – including the False Claims Act– designed to encourage people with knowledge of fraud against the government to come forward. These whistleblower laws often provide a financial reward and a level of protection to those who do. A whistleblower law firm can help whistleblowers make use of these laws to stop fraud, maximize whistleblowers' rewards for coming forward, and protect whistleblowers throughout the process.

Types of Fraud and Their Ramifications

  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud leads to expensive, unnecessary, and sometimes dangerous treatments that waste billions of taxpayer dollars each year.
  • Hospital fraud is a form of Medicare and Medicaid fraud that jeopardizes patient safety by incentivizing the provision of unnecessary and potentially dangerous services to vulnerable patients.
  • Kickback schemes taint physicians' decision-making processes with lucrative incentives.
  • Nursing home and home health fraud prevents elderly patients from getting the treatment they need.
  • Medical device fraud allows marketers to be reimbursed for dangerous or uncertified medical devices that threaten patient safety and wellbeing.
  • Pharmaceutical fraud leads to unnecessary and potentially dangerous prescriptions.
  • Physical therapy fraud involves physicians falsifying the types of services provided for personal gain at the expense of government insurance programs.
  • Customs fraud prevents the government from collecting appropriate duties on goods imported into the United States.
  • Defense contractor fraud wastes millions of taxpayer dollars on unnecessary or poor quality military equipment.
  • Coronavirus/COVID-19 fraud swindles critical emergency funding for personal and corporate gain.
  • Education fraud causes students to be saddled with unnecessary and unmanageable debt
  • Financial fraud drains pension funds, jeopardizes homeowners' rights and cripples financial markets.
  • Procurement fraud causes the government to issue substandard and often dangerous supplies to government employees, including first responders.