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Helping Whistleblowers Fight Fraud Against the Government

Every day, American taxpayers lose millions of dollars to fraudulent schemes against the government. Fortunately, everyday Americans – like you – are coming forward with increasing frequency to report wrongdoing and put a stop to these fraudulent schemes. While these fraudulent schemes can take many forms, they all have at least one thing in common: they waste taxpayer dollars.

There are a growing number of federal, state and local laws – including the False Claims Act – designed to encourage people with knowledge of fraud against the government to come forward. These whistleblower laws often provide a financial reward, and a level of protection to those who do. A whistleblower law firm can help whistleblowers make use of these laws to stop fraud, maximize whistleblowers' rewards for coming forward, and protect whistleblowers throughout the process.

The whistleblower attorneys at Goldberg Kohn are committed to helping you fight fraud against the government, recover as large a share of any recovery as possible, and protecting your rights along the way. Our whistleblower lawyers have the experience, sophistication, and resources required to take on even the largest corporate defendants on behalf of our clients. Goldberg Kohn will fight for you all the way to the finish line.

The Attorneys of Goldberg Kohn

whistleblower lawyers

We understand that it’s not easy to “blow the whistle,” but the law is on your side and our experienced attorneys are here to help.

Goldberg Kohn’s whistleblower attorneys have the experience and resources necessary to take your case to trial, as our landmark victory demonstrates – a  capacity few other firms can offer.

Our attorneys have a track record of helping our clients get successful settlements and helped shape the law for whistleblowers, obtaining favorable court orders  in support of our client’s cases. In addition, Goldberg Kohn attorneys have repeatedly been recognized and honored for their work on behalf of their clients.

Awards and Recognition

Over the years the Goldberg Kohn False Claims Group has received numerous awards and recognition and continues to build on its growing national reputation.

  • David Chizewer and Fred Cohen obtained the largest verdict in False Claims Act history with a total judgment of $334 million
  • The National Law Journal named David Chizewer and Fred Cohen among the "Top Ten Litigators of 2007"
  • David Chizewer and Fred Cohen received the 2007 Trial Lawyer of the Year Award from the Public Justice Foundation
  • David Chizewer and Fred Cohen received the 2007 Trial Lawyer of the Year Award from the Taxpayers Against Fraud - the premier national organization on the False Claims Act 
  • David Chizewer and Fred Cohen were appointed by the National Advocacy Center of the United States Department of Justice to be on its faculty to train experienced Assistant United States Attorneys on trial skills
  • David Chizewer and Fred Cohen were awarded the 2006 Excellence in Pro Bono Award from the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
  • David Chizewer and Fred Cohen received the 2005 American Academy of Pediatrics Child Health Advocate of the Year Award
  • Fred Cohen was awarded the 2004 Equal Justice Award from the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law

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