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The Government Fights Back Against Ambulance Fraud: A Recent $21 Million Settlement and Other Related Cases

The U.S. Government has successfully combatted several instances of ambulance fraud this past year, by intervening in False Claims Act (FCA) qui tam suits and by pursuing a criminal health care fraud case against an ambulance company owner. These cases against AmeriCare, Hart to Heart, and the owner of Tonieann EMS and Rosenberg EMS, mainly involve allegations that these companies systematically billed government-provided insurance for medically unnecessary ambulance transports. However, a recently-resolved case against Paramedics Plus and several affiliates involved allegations of an illegal kickback scheme enacted to win and maintain exclusive ambulance contracts. More

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Four Houston-Area Hospitals Pay $8.6 Million to Settle Ambulance Swapping Allegations

Four Houston-area hospitals have paid $8.6 million collectively to settle allegations of "ambulance swapping"—that ambulance companies paid kickbacks to the hospitals in exchange for the hospitals' lucrative Medicare and Medicaid transport referrals. The hospitals—Bayshore Medical Center, Clear Lake Regional Medical Center, West Houston Medical Center, and East Houston Regional Medical Center—are all affiliates of the Nashville-based Hospital Corporation of America. More

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The High Cost of Ambulance Fraud: Billing the Government for Unnecessary Services

Ambulance fraud takes many forms.  Sometimes ambulance companies charge Medicare or Medicaid for unqualified rides, miles or services; sometimes those charges are inflated; sometimes the rides are not even provided. In all of these cases, the ambulance company pockets the additional, undeserved money, and taxpayers end up paying more than they should. When the government pays out money to unscrupulous business owners, there is less money available to serve those truly in need of care. These frauds place a particularly heavy burden on our healthcare system and increase costs for everyone. More

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