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Famous Whistleblowers and Their Impact on America

Whistleblowers have played a vital role in American history, bringing to light abuses and scandals in fields as diverse as pharmaceuticals and the military. Law enforcement agencies and government departments depend on whistleblowers to alert them to corporate and government corruption. That doesn’t always mean these entities have welcomed whistleblowers, however, especially when those people are highlighting problems within their organizations.

Fortunately, federal and state legislatures have enacted protections for whistleblowers, understanding the fundamental role they play in a democracy, and whistleblowers continue to come forward with valuable information about government and corporate misdeeds. Let's examine some of the most famous whistleblower cases and the role these courageous men and women have played in our nation's history. More

The Importance of Compliance Programs

Competent and enduring compliance programs should be able to preemptively detect criminal or unethical conduct that is detrimental to the operational integrity of a company. Unless organizations establish comprehensive internal controls and enforce standards of conduct for reducing compliance risks, your organization may suffer substantial financial penalties, legal ramifications and a possible breakdown of the company.  More

Corporate Fraud and the False Claims Act

False Claims Act fraud

Although many False Claims Act cases involve violations of health care laws such as the Stark Law and fraud on government health care programs, there is also a significant number of False Claims Act cases that involve corporate fraud. The False Claims Act prohibits any false statements or claims made to the government, and it applies to individuals and businesses, regardless of how small or large. Common types of corporate fraud on the government include violations of federal programs created for farmers, small businesses, minority-owned business, and women-owned businesses. More

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