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Filing a Whistleblower Claim

What Should I Do If I Think I Have a Case?

If you think you might have a False Claims Act case, the most important thing you can do is contact a whistleblower attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can help determine whether you do, in fact, have a case, and walk you through the next steps you should take. 

What Not to Do:

  1. Do not wait to contact a whistleblower attorney.  Your attorney can help you determine appropriate next steps. 

  2. Do not wait to file your case.  The False Claims Act has a statute of limitations, meaning you cannot pursue claims that are filed too late.

  3. Do not file your case before disclosing your allegations to the government with the help of an attorney. Your ability to recover may be limited if you do not disclose your allegations to the government before filing a case. You should take this step with the help of an attorney.
    false claims ability to recover
  4. Do not publicize your case. The False Claims Act limits the ability of whistleblowers to pursue a case that has been publicized.

  5. Do not take or copy documents or materials from your employer or anyone else before consulting with a whistleblower attorney. Your attorney can help you avoid any risks associated with taking or copying documents that are not yours.

Do not assume that any confidentiality agreement you may have signed with a company prevents you from filing a False Claims Act case against that company. If you did sign such an agreement, consult with a lawyer about the potential effects.

The whistleblower attorneys at Goldberg Kohn are committed to fighting fraud against the government and protecting the rights of whistleblowers. Please contact us online if you would like to schedule a free, confidential appointment with one of our nationally-recognized whistleblower attorneys.

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