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David Chizewer fights to continue East Chicago Superfund lawsuit

August 31, 2020

David Chizewer, a principal in the firm's Litigation Group, was written about in the nwitimes.com article "Superfund homeowners fight to keep legacy polluter lawsuit alive In E.C." about the lawsuit filed against polluters like DuPont/Chemours and Atlantic Richfield that claims they severely contaminated yards and homes in the East Chicago neighborhoods, West Calumet, Calumet and East Calumet.  The suit claims the pollutants are responsible for declining property values, emotional distress and owners' difficulty in selling their homes to leave the toxic neighborhood.  While the companies have argued the homeowners are beyond the statute of limitations for suing them, the residents claim they didn't learn the full extent of the problem for years.  Residents and Chizewer urged the judge not to dismiss the three-year-old case, arguing they are entitled to compensation for the damage done caused by lead smelting, refining and manufacturing.

“In the course of poisoning the properties of the East Chicago residents, defendants pocketed billions of dollars in profit. Yet, defendants ask this court to excuse them from any liability to the homeowners whose properties defendants so badly contaminated,” Chizewer wrote.

To read the full article, click here.

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