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Principal David Chizewer spoke at the Eighth Annual National Institute on the Civil False Claims Act and Qui Tam Enforcement June 4th in Washington D.C.

The Civil False Claims Act (FCA) is the fastest growing area of federal litigation, particularly because of its unique qui tam enforcement mechanism. Amendments in 2009 made this law even more powerful. The conference brought together experts from all areas- DOJ, state AG offices, federal agencies, leading defense and plaintiff firms- to discuss this ever-growing area of litigation and enforcement.

Mr. Chizewer participated in the panel titled "Pretrial Procedure: Motions and Discovery Issues: Public Disclosure/Original Source; First to File; Rule 9(B); and Statute of Limitations." The panel discussed both the strategy and timing of various pretrial motions and current case law, with special emphasis on Rule 9(B), summary judgment motions and discovery.