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When corporations or individual entities commit fraud against the government, they are not only engaging in an illegal activity, but they are also costing American taxpayers money. If you become aware of fraud committed against the government, you can report the illegal activity as a whistleblower and potentially obtain a financial recovery.

Lawsuits filed by whistleblowers under the False Claims Act (FCA) are called qui tam cases. The FCA allows anyone to file a lawsuit against entities who have violated the guidelines of the FCA on behalf of the federal government. Some of the most common types of qui tam cases involve overbilling for healthcare services, paying kickbacks to obtain business paid for by government healthcare programs, and providing unsafe or improperly manufactured products to government agencies.

Is Your Employer Defrauding the Government?

If you have evidence that your employer is engaged in fraud against the government, you may be able to file a qui tam whistleblower case. To encourage whistleblowers to come forward to report fraud against the government, the FCA provides successful whistleblowers with a reward—usually between 15 and 30 percent of what the government recovers as a result of the qui tam case.

Employee Protections Under the False Claims Act

The FCA protects employees from being discharged, threatened, demoted or suspended because of their whistleblowing activity.

We Represent Whistleblowers

Goldberg Kohn provides legal assistance to people who want to report fraud against the government. After a consultation and investigation into the facts of your situation we will assess your case and explain the potential risks and rewards of moving forward with a qui tam case.

If you want to put a stop to fraudulent activity, contact our whistleblower attorneys today for a confidential consultation.