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False Claims Act lawsuit Filed by Goldberg Kohn Results in Federal Criminal Indictment

Three individuals charged with defrauding Illinois’ Medicaid of more than $4 Million through bogus mental health program

August 30, 2019

Goldberg Kohn’s client courageously came forward to report that the Laynie Foundation had been exploiting and underserving children with mental health issues, while  fraudulently seeking reimbursement from the Illinois Medicaid program. The United States vigorously investigated those allegations, confirmed they were accurate, and is seeking to bring the fraudsters to justice.  Goldberg Kohn is proud of its client and gratified that the United States is treating her allegations with the seriousness they deserve.

A copy of the United States’ indictment can be found here.  

A link to the DOJ Press Release here.

Chicago Sun-Times coverage of this story can be found here.

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