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Taxpayers Against Fraud will seek to assist the US Department of Justice and State Attorneys General to prevent and uncover fraud related to pandemic response.

Goldberg Kohn principal, David Chizewer, has been named head of the Midwest Region for the newly-formed Task Force on Coronavirus Fraud.

The Task Force is a project of Taxpayers Against Fraud (TAF) and is designed to share information and best practices with the US Department of Justice and State Attorneys General as they seek to prevent and pursue fraud involving government money allocated to alleviate the Coronavirus pandemic and related economic issues.

Mr. Chizewer, who serves as the leader of Goldberg Kohn's False Claims Act practice, will oversee and coordinate Task Force activity in 10 states – Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Alaska. He said, "The CARES Act has injected more than $2 trillion into the US economy. I am proud to be part of an effort to make sure that money is used appropriately, and to help recover funds that are not. "

Goldberg Kohn is based in Chicago and has more than 85 attorneys dedicated to serving clients in the areas of Litigation, Commercial Finance, Bankruptcy, Labor & Employment, Corporate and Real Estate.

Taxpayers Against Fraud a public interest non-profit organization dedicated to fighting fraud against the government by working to protect whistleblowers and strengthen the effective operation of the laws that empower them to expose misconduct and the theft of taxpayer dollars.