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Phillip Enformes was sentenced to 20 years in prison for what has been called the largest single healthcare bribery and kickback scheme in U.S. History. Enformes, who managed over two dozen healthcare facilities from Chicago to Miami, accumulated $1.3 billion Medicaid revenue through the bribery of medical professionals who referred patients to his Florida facilities and by paying off government regulators as several residents were injured by their peers.

The numerous healthcare facilities that Enformes ran with his business partner and father, Morris Enformes, earned millions of Medicare and Medicaid dollars annually for decades, despite federal law enforcement examinations and Chicago Tribune investigations of alleged abuse and substandard care of patients.

Judge Robert N. Scola Jr., as he handed down the sentence, said "the length and scope of Esformes’ criminal conduct were “unmatched in our community. ... Mr. Esformes violated the trust of Medicare and Medicaid in epic proportions."

Goldberg Kohn initiated False Claims Act litigation against Esformes several years ago, which brought his operations to the attention of authorities. That case led to a multi-million dollar settlement in 2011.