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Frederick H. Cohen, principal in the firm's Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution Group, spoke at the American Conference Institute’s Advanced Forum on Financial Institution Fraud Enforcement & Financial Recovery on November 16, 2009 in New York.

The forum provided information on potential liabilities under FERA, including new False Claims Act liabilities, and recommendations for responding to stepped-up financial institution fraud, scrutiny and enforcement.

Mr. Cohen spoke on a panel entitled, "The Relators’ Bar Speaks Out: What’s Coming Down the Pike?" The panel discussed predictions as to where the FCA is going in the next 5 years in light of recent legislative developments; trends and developments in types of cases brought, and industries and practices most in the crosshairs; the impact of the new amendments on types of cases, frequency, and damages; the relators’ bar’s view on current penalties and settlements; where new relators are coming from; and state involvement in FCA investigations and prosecutions.